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GhostLand Paranormal Investigators takes this job seriously and does not play the Ouija Board, do Seances, or any kind of Rituals of any kind while we are smudging out our clients’ homes. We do ask that our clients participate in our behalf and sign our agreement form while we arrive to their house and also participate in our belief as well and NOT take pictures, take video, or any kind of sort of audio recording of any kind while we go and smudge our clients’ home. We also ask our clients to participate and respect our decision and be aware that if they do take pictures, take video, or any kind of audio recording while we are smudging, we will have to stop whatever we are doing and ask to erase the footage if they don’t, we will have to leave and not refund any of the payment. This is serious and we ask our clients to understand is that if they take pictures, take video, of any kind the spirit that we are trying to smudge out of the home will be going into the devices and will be difficult to smudge out. We also ask that when our clients watch how we smudge their home to NOT reenact our stuff, this is how we do things and this is how we were taught. Every reservation is different and this is not for non-Native American’s, and our clients will have to sign and agree to these terms in order for us to continue to smudge their home.

EQUITMENT – We only use Sage and an Eagle Fan to smudge out our clients’ homes. Now again the Eagle Fan is only for Native Americans to own and it Is Illegal to own Eagle Fan or Feathers if your NOT Native American.  

PRAYERS – We use prayers in our culture to speak to the creator and help us either help the spirits make their journey home or fighting evil spirit and removing them out of the home. We will be saying it out loud so that the spirits will also hear as well.

PAYMENTS – we also do payments as well, and that is if you want to have us do SMUDGING or INVESTIGATION. Sometimes our clients will also recommend to have us do both just to see what they are dealing with. You can see our prices at the CONTACT US page.

ABOUT – GhostLand Paranormal Investigators was founded in 2018 and is located on the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe Reservation in Prescott, Arizona. GhostLand Paranormal Investigators was founded by Melvin “Many Horses” Rice when his godfather Robert “GoodKnife” Rice have been doing this since he was young and tagged Many Horses along on one of his cases on Aug. 2018. Many Horses loved how it left the family smile when GoodKnife and Many Horses left the property when finished and told his uncle that he wanted to do this for the people who doesn’t know because he loved how it made the family happy when they were done. GoodKnife then told Many Horses that he could start his own business and do it that way but he wants to continue to do this for the friends of the family and the people whom he knows. Many Horses then told GoodKnife that he is willing to do that but to get him a heads up that he will contact him whenever he needs help smudging. GoodKnife agrees and that’s when Many Horses created and found GhostLand Paranormal Investigators for just smudging homes at the time. Then later on from watching Ghost Adventures, Ghost Nation, Ghost Hunters, Destination Fear, Many Horses wanted to also do Investigations as well when at the time he was working at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center on May 6th, 2019. That’s when Many Horses met Chenoa for the first time and something told him that Chenoa used to be in the Ghost Hunting business so that’s when he started to bugged Chenoa about wanting to do Ghost Hunting but Chenoa kept turning him down and said go ahead and do it. On March 7th, 2020 at 4:43 AM when the Rice Family founded Many Horses father “Ted Gustavo Rice” deceased on the living room couch. Many Horses was devastated and was in a severe depression stage to the point where he did not want to get out of bed, get out of his room, get out of the house, didn’t want to get out and basically do anything and his best friend Chenoa noticed his illness and came to his house and told him to get out of this slump go ahead and buy a camera and I will help you for free plus being part owner for free so that’s when Many Horses took advantage and purchase a lot of equipment and started to investigate (Angelina Grave – Prescott, AZ, Old HWY 89A – Prescott, AZ, The Grand Hotel – Jerome, AZ, Long Horn Saloon – Williams, AZ, Hotel Monte Vista – Flagstaff, AZ, Museum of Indigenous People – Prescott, AZ). Then in Oct. 2021 Chenoa retired and left the GhostLand Paranormal Investigators but still talks to them.


GhostLand Paranormal Investigators goal is to help the families who is suffering paranormal and also help the Earthbound Spirits making their journey home with creator. GhostLand Paranormal Investigators does not take advantage of their clients and will keep in touch with their clients after their smudging 4 times every 4 days. If they’re doing okay GhostLand Paranormal Investigators will keep their information files for 30 Days and after their 30 days expires, they will have to resubmit their information if something happens again or move into a new home that is haunted.


Paranormal Information – There are 3 types of Paranormal that some people where be dealing with and that is

  1. Earthbound Spirits – is when a spirit has unfinished business on earth, they don’t understand that they are deceased, or don’t know how to make their journey home to creator.
  2. Poltergeist Spirits – objects moving around, lights flickering, cabinets are opening/closing, objects are being misplaced, chairs are moving by themselves, etc. these types of activity are a sign of Poltergeist activity and it basically means that you are dealing with an angry spirit who was simply angry when they were alive and obviously angry when they are dead. This doesn’t mean you are accoutering an evil entity (demonic spirt).  
  3. Demonic Spirits – will simply bring their victims down, making their victims vulnerable, to the point where they get depression stage, weak, when they achieve that that’s when it turns into, physical attacks, nightmares every night, scratch marks, having a hard time sleeping at night, all of these things will fall under obsession stage.  Then a week or two then  it will turn into Possession.

There are three stages in Possession

  1. Infestation – that’s when you are hearing footsteps, voices, things moving around, basically little things slowly turn into
  2. Obsession – that’s when they bring the victims down, making their victims vulnerable, to the point where they get depression, weak, when they achieve that that’s when it turns into attacks, nightmares every night, scratch marks, having a hard time sleeping at night.
  3. Possession – When you don’t have control of your body, when you don’t remember anything that has happened.

If you are dealing with Paranormal activity in your home, please contact us and we will help you out! We treat our clients like family and will not take advantage of you at all. Simply click on CONTACT US and feel out the information that it gives you and we will be happy to assist you.


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