On late Aug. 2018 Melvin Rice and his uncle Robert Rice had to go smudge a friend of the family’s house in Prescott Valley, AZ. Melvin volunteered to go with his uncle to smudge her house. When they arrived couple of blocks away from the house his uncle started to get a super back pain and Melvin had an enormous stomach pain like his intestines were getting twisted, while having a hard time to breath. Robert Rice and Melvin Rice continued to go to the Baker Family’s house in Prescott, Valley. When arrived Melvin noticed that the energy changed as soon as he first stepped inside the house. When Amber Baker was telling all the occurrences that’s been going on at her house, Melvin had a feeling that someone was standing around them listening to the conversation that she was describing to them. Amber told Robert Rice and Melvin Rice there was a spirit who use to torment the children to try and get their souls. She also thought the spirits followed her home from objects she gotten from while she visited Mexico. Then she said that her kids’ crib was Infront of the closet and kept refusing to sleep in his own crib every night. When Amber was in the hospital because she had lost pregnancy her sister, niece, and father stayed at her house. Her sister and niece couldn’t sleep in her room because they got scared so her father slept in their and woke up feeling like he had been beaten and when her mother stayed another night, she felt something was watching her. Amber’s sister-in-law also slept in her room and heard shackles underneath her bed. Then her youngest son kept on banging on his head on the floor like he was panting because he didn’t get his way. When it was time for Robert Rice to smudge the house Melvin Rice stayed with the family to make sure that nothing was going to harm the family while Robert Rice was smudging. While Melvin Rice and Amber was talking, Melvin heard a demonic voice in his right ear that said “LEAVE NOW, YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!” Melvin then continued to talk with Amber to show that he didn’t hear him.  When it was time for Melvin to smudge, he started to go into each and every inch of the house and as soon as he hit the last of the bedroom one of the feathers fell off from Robert Rice eagle fan. So Melvin then started to re-cleanse the eagle feather and continued to smudge the house. When the smudging was finished and when it was time to leave Melvin looked at his right arm and had humungous goosebumps the size of a quarter. While leaving at the house Melvin then notice how happy the family was so Melvin told his uncle he wanted to make a business. His uncle told him to make one but he is going to continue to smudge homes for the people who he knows. So Melvin Rice created GhostLand Paranormal Investivestigators.
On Dec. 2, 2020 GhostLand Paranormal Investigators called Amber to check up to see how they were doing and Amber told Melvin that it was good that he called because it is acting up again in her new home that she moved into and she was about to call him. Amber told Melvin that her youngest son was having trouble sleeping in his bedroom every night and continued to try and force his mom to the garage because he sees a bad man in there. Also, Amber mentioned to Melvin that every time when she has company over at the house and decides to hang out in the backyard someone always pushes the females and when they turn nobody is there. When GhostLand Paranormal Investigators team arrived to investigate at the house on Dec. 8, 2020 Chenoa and Melvin noticed that there was a man spirit watching the team while laughing at all of them. Then after the team got finished setting everything up, Melvin and Chenoa left really quick to the store. While gone Margo, Amber, Kenny and Curtis mention to Melvin and Chenoa that the youngest son wanted to force Margo in the garage and kept saying the bad man in here. When Melvin and Chenoa arrived back everything was supper calm to the point it was freaking out Amber and the whole team. GhostLand did their intro and starting filming the garage after. When filming the garage, the team kept hearing footsteps walking around in the attic. Margo then had a hard time breathing while the rest of the team kept on filming the garage. When Chenoa and Melvin noticed Margo was having a hard time breathing, they asked if she was okay, Margo told to the both of them she was fine that it was her asma. When the team was almost fished filming the garage, they heard footsteps walking from the garage to the inside of the house. So, the team ran inside to check on Ambers youngest son. Amber was shocked seeing her youngest son sleeping in the living room couch because he hasn’t slept like that in days. Then the team investigated the youngest son’s bedroom, when Melvin and Chenoa step inside the bedroom they both felt dizziness and felt like they wanted to throw up. Amber then mention that she wanted to throw up when she was standing by the door. So, Melvin then took a security camera inside the bedroom and continued to investigate the backyard. When Melvin investigated the backyard and Curtis was filming Melvin, Melvin kept looking right by the bunny’s area and realized that the man spirit was standing their watching Melvin and Curtis. Curtis then kept on saying he keeps feeling something stabbing him in the back so they both came inside and both left. The team was packing up and told Amber that Melvin and his uncle was going to come back the next day. Dec. 3, 2020 Robert Rice and Melvin then came back and smudged the house. When Melvin started watching the family while Robert Rice was smudging, he noticed the dogs were getting scared and was watching Robert Rice going towards the garage. When it was time for Melvin to smudge the house, he made sure to double smudge the youngest boy’s room, then continued to smudge the house when I pass the dogs, they started to watch him but wasn’t scared. When Melvin smudged the garage and the backyard, he kept feeling like the man was standing by the bunny’s area so Melvin went to the bunny’s area and smudged him out and force the spirt out of the property. After the smudging Melvin Rice went outside to make a burial up so they won’t come back.

The Family Haunting in Chino

The Mother has been hearing noises to the point where she sometimes feeling like she’s going nuts. Her friend and family have been recommending her to get a priest to cleanse her home. One day she was in the living room and heard her stove alarm going off when she went to check the alarm, her alarm wasn’t making a sound. But when she went back to check on her son, she heard a domestic unbodied growl that wasn’t there. Her stuff has been also been moved around different places, her down syndrome son keeps refusing to sleep alone every night. At previous house her son has had scratch marks before they moved from Idaho. On May 4th, 2021 at 2PM Melvin Rice went to the address and confirmed that the kitchen and the down syndrome son’s bedroom was the most haunted activity in the whole house. When Melvin dragged the spirit out of the house the mother, noticed she saw her son watching the spirit go outside the house and saw her son smile. The mother and son both confirmed that they felt the energy lift when leaving. On May 11th, 2021 Melvin contacted the mother for a follow up and the mother told Melvin that she has been getting nightmares every night. Her son kept refusing to sleep in his room, but one day when she noticed her son was hovering over her like he wanted to get a hug and water then went to the living room, mother didn’t know how long he was still in the living room for so when she went to go check up on him, she noticed he was laying on the living room couch. When the mother asked her son what was wrong, he said that “The banging won’t stop.” On May 10th the mother also mentions to Melvin that her son also told her that he was playing in his bedroom and told her “The man in the closet won’t let me play with my toys.” She also heard something break in her room that sounded like a class, she got up thinking that it was a picture but wasn’t’. So, on May 3th, 2021 Melvin, Robert Rice, and Jesse Rice Jr. arrived again at her house at 4:45PM and as soon as they walked in the mother told them all of the activity that was going on inside the house and outside. While in the middle of the questioning Melvin and Jesse noticed the bad spirit ran around the house and pushed one of the helpers. That’s when Melvin and Robert Rice started to smudge around the house. The mother and son started to cry at the end of the smudging and felt no more spirits at the house.

The Haunting in Prescott Valley

The aunt kept having issues when her niece stayed the night at her house. Her niece kept telling her aunt that her closet door kept opening and closing by themselves. Niece has been getting bad vibes and horrible nightmares while also spending the night at her aunt’s house. Every time when she is spending the night at her aunt’s house, she is always uncomfortable and doesn’t like the room she is staying in. On May 29, 2021 Melvin, Nita Monreal, and her son arrived at the house and then started to asked the aunt all the occurrences at her apartment and the most activity spots that’s been going on at the apartment. When we walked by the bathroom the aunt mentioned to us that her niece has seen shadows in the bathroom. When we started to smudge the apartment, we noticed that the dogs started to pant down getting scared while we passed them forcing the evil spirits out of the apartment. When finished everyone noticed the energy changed.

Client Suzanne Kesler, has been having metaphysical things happen for the last 4 years. It all started after her ex-husband wanted to take her to court to modify child support. Then he closed their business with no explanation. As she asked questions about the business that she was the owner of but have had no involvement in. That’s when things started moving in her home. Doors were unlocked and opened when she was getting home from work. Then she stated having dreams that were very disturbing. After her father died, he came to her in her dream that there were 5 shadows on the wall and he took a gun and shot one of them. Then the turned into her ex-husband. Her father also said to her “look at my had!” her father had a fall and he said he tripped and passed away from blood thinners. She saw a cut far up on his head which looked suspicious but no one took her seriously. They all said that he said he fell so then that’s what they believed. After inherited her fathers’ possessions things got worse. So many things moving and saying she needs to sell her fathers home to save her kids life. If she tried to get any help by police her kids would get sick. Not by coincidence. So, she sold it quickly. The realtor was also so how involved as well. She would say and do things to push her to sell. She would have horrible dreams which felt like not hers, things in her dreamj would then be in her reality after waking up. She had salt and pepper sakers fall over, pens rolling on tables, her Yoga ball shoot across the room, money fall on her shoulders as she is driving out of nowhere. So many things that she could write a book.

On 08/31/2021 at 1710PM Chenoa and Melvin went to the Keslers Haunting House and contacted Suzanne Kesler that they arrived. When Suzanne came out of the house to greet us, she told then told us everything that has been happening at her house that her and her family has been struggling with. So then Melvin started to smudge down Suzanne and her family and then went inside the house, thats when Melvin felt the energy changed and told everyone what he is feeling. Chenoa didn't seem to feel anything until we walked inside Suzanne bedroom then everyone started to feel how the energy changed. When Melvin and Chenoa asked questions the MEL METER EMF started to spike 60.5mg when on the bed. So thats when Suzanne started to say that she has been thinking that its her father because her father died recently. Melvin then told Suzanne that its not her father or her family memebers because he feels a dark entity that might be a demonic spirit. When Melvin explained to her what demonic spirits do like to manipulate and bring that victim that have pick down to the point where you are in a deep depression stage the REM Meter EMF started to spike and go off. Suzanne then continued to think that the spirit wasn't a demonic spirit but she thought it was either her father, sister, or her aunt. When Chenoa at the time went out to get a class of water due to her headache and vistion blurry Melvin contiuned to film the bedroom to see if he can catch anything but didn't. So thats when the mother of Suzanne wanted us to smudge the house so Melvin then contacted his uncle Robert "GoodKnife" Rice to help smudge the house GoodKnife agreed and said that he will be on his way. When Melvin and Chenoa ended and waited for GoodKnife Melvin went to his car to grab his Bang Energy Drink. When arriving back inside the house something told Melvin to look in the gaurage gaming room. When Melvin lifted his right foot to go on the one step that the family has in the front of the house something then tried to trip Melvin but proceeded to land on his two feet but spilled little bit of his energy drink. When Melvin then went inside he explained to everyone what just happened. Chenoa then wanted Melvin to go solo in the gaurage gaming room and see what happens, Suzanne then volenteer to join. So they both did, when arrived and walked in they both felt the energy change. When arriving back inside the house thats when GoodKnife started to pull up in the drive way. When we all walked back inside the house thats when GoodKnife asked Chenoa what did she see. When Chenoa told GoodKnife what she saw GoodKnife then told Chenoa that she was going to help smudge. When GoodKnife started first nothing seemed to do anything but when Many Horses went everything changed. When he went to every corner around the house and hit Suzanne bedroom the energy started to get even more tighter and more anxiety. When Melvin got to the main front door he barely opened the door but the door slammed open hard to the point where the door hit an angel and cracked little bit of the bottom of the angel. Melvin then don't remember yelling to the point where the family told Melvin that it sounded like i was fighting somebody outside. When Chenoa went nothing seem to happen so when we ask Suzanne to walk around the house and see what she feels, she then walked around the house slowly and then told us that everthing felt amazing and doesn't fee anything anymore. So when we were leaving Chenoa and Melvin felt like someone has punch both of us on the shoulders and Melvin's kneck was hurting like some pushed him hard to the point where his kneck was hurting. 


Melvin Rice uncle GoodKnife contacted him and requested to come to his house and bring his ghost hunting equipment also. When Melvin showed up to the house, he then told Melvin that he was dealing with bunch of spirits in the house and wanted to investigate and after words smudge the house. When it was time to investigate at proximately around  19:00 on Sat. September 18, 2021. When they investigated, they barely caught anything on footage and on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) expect for one unbodied voice when it was being asked “what do they have against Darryl. The unbodied voice sounded like Latin on the recorder. When they continued to investigate, they didn’t find anything else as evidence. So, when they were about to start proximately around 20:00.


When they started to smudge the house Melvin’s cousin Anthony noticed a white mist hiding in one of the rooms when about to start singing Native American Drumming. When Anthony started first GoodKnife girlfriend told us later that when Anthony started smudging, she felt like someone jumped on top of the bed like they knew what was going on. When Melvin started to smudge, on one particular bedroom he felt a lot of negativity energy in the room while smudging. Melvin then started to concentrating on his praying more strongly so that nothing wouldn’t happen to him.


When Melvin started to smudge GoodKnife bedroom and hit one side of the bed the paper started to fly across the room while then later hearing bangs and knocks on the ceiling. Melvin then  started to focus on his prayer even more and started to call down 4 archangels {Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel} to help out. When after Melvin mentioned their names the energy in the air started to get more lighter and calmer. When Melvin passed down the sage to Bruce to smudge. Bruce continued to smudge around the house and felt like it took longer while the rest of them was drumming and singing. When Bruce was finished and passed the sage down to GoodKnife he started to smudge and sounded like he was fighting with the spirits while the rest was drumming and singing in the kitchen/dining room. Bruce then started to caught rapidly and then started to throw up in the kitchen while GoodKnife was still smudging the house.


When finished we then started to ask how did it start and one thought that it was the La Llorona since half of Prescott in the 1800 was part of Mexico. The other thought that it was part of the sweat ceremony while the other thought it was from one of the children who is dealing with some things. Either way GHOSTLAND PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS – FOUNDER  Melvin Rice has agreed that this one was the most intense case that he delt with yet.  


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