Us GhostLand Paranormal Investigators team goes to the most haunted location around the world to get scientific answers from the the spirits why they are still on this earth and haunting the living. While we are doing the investigation we us professional equipment (EVP's, EMF's, Camcorders, Motion Sensors, Security Cameras, & Many More). After catching and experiencing what we have captured onto film we will put it all together and make it as a episode and release them onto YouTube as our independent Show Series. 


After catching evidence from the investigation we will give the owner an option if they would like us to continue the process of helping them make their journey home or leave it as that. (Making their Jouney Home: is when we help the earthbound spirits out crossing over and make their journey home to creator or down to Hell. By doing the process of helping the spirits out we will use a bundle of sage and a eagle fan and say a prayer out loud around the house/property building inside. Afte saying a prayer we will use a pouch of rolling tobacco that we ask the owners to purchase and walk around outside and say a prayer. 


Some people will ask what do we mean by Creator? Us Native Americans likes to call what you guys like to call God Creator. Because he is the one who created us. All of our beliefs are in different ways but they all the same. We have one God. 


We will agree to people that we can do a Presentation and talk about the Paranormal. But we do have to ask people that we have standards and our standards are that we can not talk about the Paranormal Field to ages 8-15. We can do a presentation to them if we have Parents permission and what to say to them and not what to say to them. But we will likely mostly do Middle School, High School, & College. To talk to them about the Paranormal and What they Should Do and What they Should Not to do when/if they are deciding to go do their own Ghost Hunting. 

"STOP Here and Read" If you are experiencing thoughts that can cause bodily harm to yourself or others, and\or deep depression you cannot explain, SEEK MEDICAL HELP NOW! We do not give medical advice and paranormal teams should not be your first call on any type of health issue. Only licensed doctors who deal with these symptoms can give advice.

 We are NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS. These types of feelings require medical help first and then look to the nearest church for spiritual healing. We deal with location hauntings and not life threatening illness

NOTE: We do NOT have a staff on office phone so please email for a return call.

Please email if you are outside of these areas to set up a time to talk over the phone. We work in: 


BUT WILL ALSO WORK OUTSIDE THE QUAD CITY AREAS in ARIZONA and OUTSIDE ARIZONA but will be CHARGE for TRAVEL EXPENSES FEE, and the service fee. We do NOT charge for SMUDGING and hope you understand.  


Important Notice: 

GhostLand-Paranormal Investigators  team does not ask for any reimbursement for investigations. If you like our services you can always donate on our donation page of our website. Our concern is you first safety and to your family…. For paranormal investigations we charge $500, with a 2-hour - 12-hour minimum investigation and 50% cancelation fee. We take this seriously and professionally and ask people who are recommending us take it seriously and DO NOT contact us for any PRANK, JOKE, NON-NON-SERIOUS RELATED matter.  CANCELLATION POLICY:  for those who cancellation our services after signing our agreement form will charge an extra fee of $75  Cancellation fee. 



This is our promise! Our investigators are very professional and considerate of their surroundings when setting up or taking down equipment. If you are truly being haunted the team will be able to discover the extent of the haunt. After the investigation we will upload our videos to our YouTube Channel and will being you more business to your establishment. If your STRUGGLING with DEMONIC ENTITIES we can REMOVE them from your property.  


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