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ABOUT – Very first Native American Paranormal Investigator Melvin Rice leads his team at haunted locations both in America and abroad, interviewing locals about alleged hauntings before going face to face with supernatural entities. Each hour-long episode follows together the haunted history of each site, the team hold a dusk-to-dawn investigation in an effort to obtain physical evidence of the paranormal and to discover the truth.

BACKGROUND - Feb. 2019 Melvin Rice better known as Many Horses created GhostLand Paranormal Investigators for smudging homes. Melvin then had a bad deep depression stage on March 7, 2020 due to his father “Ted Gustavo Rice” passing. His best friend Chenoa Durden noticed his condition so since Melvin bugged her the whole year and told Many Horses "to get out of this slump go head and get a Camera and everything I do I'll do for free. Plus being part owner for free. So then Chenoa and Many Horses got their money together and got GhostLand Paranormal Investigators off the ground. "to get out of this slump go head and get a Camera and everything I do I'll do for free. Plus being part owner for free. So then Chenoa and Many Horses got their money together and got GhostLand Paranormal Investigators off the ground." When all of the equipment arrived, they first investigated Angelina Grave in Prescott, AZ. Then investigated Old HWY 89A – Prescott, AZ, The Grand Hotel – Jerome, AZ, Jerome Cemetery – Jerome, AZ, Jerome Jail – Jerome, AZ, Long Horn Saloon – Williams, AZ, Monte Vista Hotel – Flagstaff, AZ, Museum of Indigenous People – Prescott, AZ, Amber Bakers Family Haunting – Prescott Valley, AZ in 2020. In 2021 the Ghostland Paranormal Investigators team also investigated Prescott Elks Theatre – Prescott, AZ, Prescott Center of Arts – Prescott, AZ, returning to Museum of Indigenous People – Prescott, AZ, Old Gila County Jail – Globe, AZ, Yuma Territorial Prison – Yuma, AZ.

Payment information

SMUDGING: The Smudging is going to be $550.39 if you are in the Yavapai County area. If you’re in Coconino County area its going to be $880.36, If you’re in the Maricopa County that’s going to be $900.39, for Los Angeles County is going to be $1,920.39, for Clark County is going to be $1,936.36. (So basically, depending where your location is, is what the price is going to be).  


INVESTIGATION: The investigation is going to be $1,000.39 plus the travel expenses fee.


TRAVEL EXPENSES: The Travel Expenses is going to fall back again with the Smudging Fee. So, depending on your location is what we are going to fall back at!


Copyright © 2021 by Melvin Rice & Chenoa Durden

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Paranormal Information

How can I tell when my house is Haunted?
• Once the energy in your house feels different and have lights flickering, cabinets are opening/closing, objects are being misplaced, Hearing footsteps when nobody is around, Hearing voices when nobody is around, objects are turning on by themselves, feeling like your being watched when nobody is around, smelling tobacco/leather/boots/alcohol/etc.
What's a difference between Spirits and Demonic?
• Demonic entity basically mimic the living and bring your guard down to thinking it's a good spirit. Once they achieve that they will scratch, possession, and even worst can cause death. If you come across a demonic entity and believe you can leave and think it can not follow you, you are wrong they will follow you because they have now been attached to that person who is more venerable.
What are the three stages of Possession?
1. Infestation: This is “haunted house” type stuff: footsteps, voices, apparitions, furniture or other objects moving without human agency, odors with no discernible source. Rather than directly affecting people, infestations affect only property, objects, or even animals.
2. Obsession: Activity steps up with physical attacks, sleep disturbances including regular nightmares, frequent and severe illnesses, major depression or anxiety, severe financial or employment problems, and relationship troubles. While these things happen in the normal course of life, all of them happening at once or in rapid succession could be a sign of demonic presence.

As the name implies, at this stage the afflicted person has a hard time functioning, being constantly preoccupied with thoughts of the demonic activity commandeering his or her life, and frequently with thoughts of suicide as well. Sleep becomes nearly impossible.

All three of these stages can be addressed by a competent deliverance minister. However, the last stage is reserved for official exorcists...

3. Possession: Contrary to popular belief, possession is not demons entering a person’s body and taking over his or her soul. A person’s free will is never removed, only severely compromised. In possession, a person is so physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually broken down by going through the other three stages that demonic spirits are able to seize occasional control over that person’s actions.

Who do I go to if my house is Haunted?
Their are two ways you can go to about when your struggling with Paranormal Activity.
1. Us GhostLand Paranormal Investigators will be gladly help out and smudge your house. We are more equipped and experienced with smudging homes. MELVIN RICE - Founder has been smudging homes and was born smudging homes while he was growing up. We help out the community and take this job and life seriously while smudging homes.
2. Recommend a Priest at your local church. Priest will cleanse your home but the only thing is that you have be one of their locals to get the house cleansed. Some churches will not reccomend and qualify cleansing anymore or exorcism anymore.

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