is a Security Service owned by GHOSTLAND-PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS and is a public service to the community. They make sure that the community is safe and no trespassers are on the property. GHOSTLAND-SECURITY INVESTIGATORS ®, a leading security and facility services company, provides proactive security services. Our excellence starts with our local leadership and local presence. We are highly trained and highly professional and keep our community safe when on on duty. 

What are the job duties of  GHOSTLAND-SECURITY INVESTIGATORS? 

Report safety concerns, security breaches and unusual circumstances both verbally and in writing. Build, improve and maintain effective relationships with both client employees and guests. Answer questions and assist guests and employees. Answer phones or greet guests / employees in a professional, welcoming manner.

 What are the job duties of GHOSTLAND-SECURITY INVESTIGATORS will clients expect them to be doing?

 •  Patrol around and on clients property 

 •  Making sure their clients building/office is locked and secure after hours when closed

 •  Taking incidents reports if needed

 •  Interacting with clients and employees 

 What is the price GHOSTLAND-SECURITY INVESTIGATORS will clients expect?

 GHOSTLAND-SECURITY INVESTIGATORS  will have a couple annual of parties charges.

 •  One job contract - $30/hour

 •  One year contract - $28,454/year

 •  Two years contract - $46,378/year

if you are happy with what we areyear offering please contact us at and hire us today!!